Chris Teale Physiotherpay

Craniosacral therapy for
babies and children

  1. Craniosacral therapy
    Craniosacral therapy
    Babies who have suffered from either a very quick birth, a long arduous birth or had any intervention can benefit from gentle therapy to release unresolved tension in their cranial sacral system.
  2. Plagiocephelay
    Some babies can have misshapen heads that if not managed can develop into plagiocephaly. These babies respond well to positioning techniques and Craniosacral Therapy.
  3. Misshapen heads
    Misshapen heads
    Due to the advice to sleep babies on their backs, some babies can be can be prone to develop a flat spot at the back of their heads. This is fully correctable if advice is sought early.
  4. Developmental Assessment
    Developmental Assessment
    Some babies are just slower than the average,but many strategies can be used to help facilitate head control, back strength, sitting and crawling.These milestones are important,as they help to facilitate integration of the right and left hand side of the body.
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Hi my name is Chris Teale, I have been a practising physiotherapist for 30 years, specialising for the last 10 years in treating children and babies. Treating babies is one of the most rewarding areas of my work, as once the baby is settled and happy, the whole family is happy. The babies I see are often cat nappers, have difficulty feeding and attaching to the breast, generally irritable and have colic or reflux or both; Cranisacral therapy (CST) is agentle approach to relieve babies symtoms. For more information listen to this podcast
Many of the older children I  see have learning difficulties or  behavioural problems at school, ususally as a result of retained primitive reflexes and poor sensory integration. CST is able to assist in the integration of retained reflexes and improve sensory processing speeds along with a home rhythmic movement exerices program.

Helping babies and children be as happy
and content as they can be.